Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - What is BlackBerry unlocking?

A1 - Many BlackBerry mobile phones are 'locked' meaning they can be used only with a sim card from the originating network. Locked BlackBerry mobile phones will not operate with a SIM card from a competing network. Unlocking your BlackBerry mobile phone removes the 'lock' allowing you to use SIM cards from competing networks.

Q2 - How is a BlackBerry unlocked?

A2 - BlackBerry phones are unlocked either by the entry of a 'Code' or direct by 'Cable' using specialist equipment.

Q3 - How does we perform unlocking?

A3 - We supply a free code that is entered into the BlackBerry phone using the keypad (or touchscreen). Every free code we supply includes full, detailed code entry instructions. The free BlackBerry code is generated using the very best equipment and the very latest algorithms.

Q4 - What is the purpose of unlocking?

A4 - There is only one purpose - removal of the lock to allow the use of SIM cards from competing networks, there is no other purpose whatsoever. Unlocking a BlackBerry does not remove or reset any other security features (lock codes and passwords etc.) and it does not remove or reset any network specific branding (start-up and shut-down logos, network specific menus or settings etc.). Unlocking does not allow you to use a BlackBerry phone that has been 'blocked, barred or blacklisted'. BlackBerry phones can be blocked/barred/blacklisted if they have been reported lost, stolen or damaged. BlackBerry phones can also be blocked/barred/blacklisted if they were subject to a contract and the person who signed the contract failed to adhere to the terms of the contract (e.g. failure to pay contract bills).

Q5 - How safe is it?

A5 - Unlocking a BlackBerry by code is the safest method available because it cannot possibly have any adverse effects on your phone. The codes we supply are generated using the same method used by the phone manufacturer!

Q6 - How long does it take?

A6 - Delivery is by email and usually within 7 - 10 days unless otherwise stated when making your request.

Q7 - I have other questions, how do I contact you?

A7 - You can contact Unlocks via email by completing our Contact Form.